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“’Twas the night before Christmas” is one of the most iconic lines from any children’s poem, and certainly the most well-remembered from our childhoods.I decided to venture away from that this year and get a taste of what else was there to get me in the holiday mood.Patrick Kavanagh manages to create the feeling of nostalgia that’s not only associated with Christmas but of Irish culture in general.Anyone with a grá for Ireland will love this poem and also anyone who can appreciate the love that Christmas should represent.Our eldest donkeys are all in a group together, affectionately known as ‘The Super Grannies Group!’ Like humans, as donkeys get older their eyesight and teeth may deteriorate so we account for these factors.Though it’s not necessarily a Christmas poem, it tells the story of the baby Jesus in his mother’s arms and of the peace between heaven and earth when he smiles — definitely something your relatives will lap up.

While being groomed it is not uncommon for them to nod off!But it was the coffret that really got the grannies of Ireland gnashing their teeth. “The mind boggles,” wrote grandmother-of-five Attracta Kennelly in a letter to “What is a coffret, anyway?” asks Laura O’Mara from Stillorgan, in Co Dublin, who also protested in writing.“When I saw that list,” she says, “I thought, Oh, my goodness me: what planet do they think we live on?” Her grandchildren have been very good to her over the years: she has no complaints.

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“Is it, like, bath salts and bubble bath and stuff?